Fashion history buffs, I’ve got your next destination for a tantalizing glimpse of the past. The Albert & Victoria Museum in London boasts a collection of clothing that spans centuries and cultures. Hidden away in the museum’s storage vaults, these pieces tell stories of their time and offer insights into the fashion industry’s evolution. So, put on your best vintage-inspired outfit and get ready to dive into the treasures of one of the most extensive clothing collections in the world.


Balenciaga dress

Pink gazar silk evening dress with lace bustier, designed by Cristóbal Balenciaga for Eisa, Spain, winter 1965

The Albert & Victoria Museum’s clothing collection began in 1903 when the curators realized the importance of clothing as an essential part of the decorative arts. Over time, it grew into an archive of over 104,000 pieces of fashion, including garments, accessories, and textiles. The collection documents fashion history from the 17th century and features iconic pieces from well-known designers like Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen, among others.


Dior Exhibition V & A Museum

Dior Exhibition at the V & A Museum

Walking through the vaults, the array of garments is astounding. From embroidered gowns to leather jackets, the collection is a kaleidoscope of textures, colors, and patterns. Here you will find attire from famous figures such as Queen Victoria and Napoleon. Besides, you can browse through shoes, hats, and jewelry, each item marked with information about its origin, maker, and year of creation.


1800's wedding dress

1876 Wedding dress, V & A Museum

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Albert & Victoria Museum’s collection is its focus on fashion as a cultural record of the times. The garments on display show not only trends and manufacturing techniques but also offer insight into social hierarchies, gender roles, and political movements. An example of this is the collection of garments from the suffragette movement, which illustrates how the women’s rights movement used clothing to make a statement and advocate for change.


Votes for Women Scarf 1910

c 1910 Votes for Women silk scarf, V & A Museum

Beyond its significance as a fashion statement, the collection is an essential source for researchers and designers. The museum offers access to its archives not only to scholars but also to emerging designers looking for inspiration. A visit to the collection might spark ideas for new designs, patterns, or even fabric choices. The museum believes that to create something new, the designers must know what has come before.


Mary quant exhibition

Mary Quant Exhibition, V & A Museum

The Albert & Victoria Museum’s clothing collection is more than just a display of old dresses and hats. It is a valuable resource for history enthusiasts, designers, and anyone interested in the stories that fashion tells. Visiting the vaults offers a unique opportunity to see how clothing evolved alongside society over centuries. So, the next time you’re in London, skip the regular tourist attractions and take a trip to the museum. It will be worth it. After all, who knows what inspiration you might glean from the archives of the past.


July 03, 2023

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