Are you a fashionista who can't resist the allure of vintage clothing? From curve-hugging 1940s dresses to leg-baring 1960s frocks, it's hard to deny the unique charm that each era holds. But with the countless irresistible styles out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which vintage clothing era suits your body shape the best. Fear not, dear reader! We've done the research and have compiled the ultimate guide to help you unlock your inner vintage vixen, no matter your silhouette. So, slip into something more comfortable, grab a cup of tea, and join us on this fashionable time-travel journey through the decades.

1. The Roaring 20s: Androgynous Shapes
The 1920s are known for their androgynous, straight-cut styles, making them perfect for those with a rectangular body shape. Outfits from this era often featured dropped waists, creating the illusion of a longer torso and downplaying any curves. Flapper dresses, with their lavish fringe and beaded details, are especially flattering to those with a more athletic build. Embrace their vibrant elegance while taking part in a swinging soiree, or attending a Gatsby-themed party. Your wardrobe has never been more fun!

Illustration of women in 1920's fashions

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1920s silent movie star Clara Bow sits outside on a chair looking into the camera

Silent movie star Clara Bow

2. The Fabulous 40s: Hourglass Figures
The glamorous 1940s were all about emphasizing a woman's curves. This is the era of the classic film noir femme fatale, and the clothing accentuates the hourglass figure with cinched waists and curve-hugging silhouettes. High-waisted skirts, tailored suits and peplum details will work wonders for those with naturally hourglass-shaped bodies. If you've got a smaller waist and fuller hips and bust, slip into some 1940s-inspired clothing to showcase your assets like a modern-day Rita Hayworth.

3 women in 1940's dresses one is holding a dog

War time outfits 1943

Actress Loretta Young

American Actress, Loretta Young

3. The Chic 50s: Pear Shapes
The 1950s were a time of grace and elegance, and clothing from this era often accentuates the femininity of a pear-shaped figure. Full skirts, A-line dresses and capri pants give the illusion of a balanced silhouette by adding volume to the lower half of the body. If you have narrower shoulders and a fuller lower half, revel in the timeless styles inspired by iconic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Don some cat-eye glasses, and get ready to conquer the world in your 1950s inspired outfit.

Girl in a pink dress and hat is sitting on the ground

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Illustration of 1950's dress pattern

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4. The Swinging 60s: Apple Shapes
For apple-shaped figures with a fuller bust and a less prominent waistline, the mod 1960s are your time to shine! Shift dresses, trapeze silhouettes, and empire waists help balance out upper body proportions with the rest of the figure. Go-go boots and mini skirts were all the rage and better yet, work wonders to elongate the legs. Imagine yourself as Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick, rocking bold geometric prints and colors, while you embrace your inner 60s starlet.

Posed models dressed in 1960s clothing

1960's fashions with model Twiggy front and centre

3 models in 1960s clothing by Gay Gibson

1960's dresses by Gay Gibson


5. The Groovy 70s: Inverted Triangle Shapes
The 1970s were all about bohemian vibes, flowing silhouettes, and an abundance of patterns. For those with an inverted triangle body shape (think: broader shoulders and a narrower lower body), this era is ideal to accentuate and balance out the proportions. Flared pants, wrap dresses, and peasant tops will create the illusion of a fuller lower half while maintaining a carefree, spirited style. Channel your inner Joni Mitchell, and embrace the free-spirited fashion of the '70s.

3 women in 1970's clothing from soul group Three Degrees

1970's Soul Group Three Degrees

Woman leaning on wall in long 1970's dress

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Now that you've time-traveled through the vintage clothing eras, you're ready to make an informed decision on which decade suits your body shape best. But let's not forget, fashion isn't just about following rules. It's about expressing yourself, experimenting with styles, and most importantly, having fun! So, while our guide may lend a helping hand in finding the perfect vintage era based on your shape, remember to wear whatever makes you feel fabulous, confident, and uniquely you.

Happy vintage hunting!

March 15, 2023

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