Meet the team!

Maria Murphy

Founder, CEO, Creative Director

The Sarsparilly world was created by Maria in 2009 as a creative outlet and took its current form in 2015 after the birth of her youngest child. She's the Head Designer behind all of the women's clothing and accessories for Sarsparilly and Blackheart and gets her inspiration from many places including 40's and 50's kitsch, 80's cartoons and 90's pop music. Colour and pop culture are her weakness (glitter too!). You'll find her house is full of 80's cartoon collectibles, kitschy vintage ceramic animals and vintage dolls that her family thinks are creepy.  


Lottie Guntank

Designer, Mini Sarsparilly

Lottie Guntank has been drawing since they could hold a pencil and in the last 10 years learned how to turn their art into fashion for their personal clothing brand Littleguntank - There isn't a creative job under the sun they haven't done including working for Disney Channel, ABC, BBC and many more as a designer, illustrator, voice actor, social media manager and guest TV host. Their favorite job, however, is designing the whimsical wears for Mini Sarsparilly! Lottie is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ who has felt very welcomed by Maria and the team, and looks forward to making clothing for kids of all kinds with an exciting edge. (Lottie uses they/them pronouns).

Lea O'Meara

Marketing Coordinator & Customer Service

Lea is a Mum of 3 and is also known by her pinup name, Miss Cherry La Blaze! She has owned her own online store for 5yrs and also does pinup modelling, commercial modelling and has been an extra in TV and movies. As if this isn't enough she also has a side hustle with Brookleigh photography offering unique product photography packages! AND she's the Sarsparilly marketing coordinator and takes care of our customer service. She's super busy and always smiling and brings a spark of joy to the Sarsparilly family.


Alex Mees

Designer, Sarsparilly Acrylic Jewellery

Alex Mees has been designing quirky brooches and earrings at Martinis & Slippers for almost eight years. She began her company as a way to keep her creative and active mind occupied while parenting her young children, and it quickly grew into a thriving small business. Alex draws inspiration for some of her designs from recollections of her childhood in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as her passion for food (particularly ice cream!). Alex has sent her lovely creations all around the world and is now sharing her passion with Sarsparilly.

Ariane Kirton

Designer, Dreamwear by Sarsparilly

Originally hailing from the UK and an expert in the contours of the female body, Ariane has mastered the art of combining the perfect fabric, construction, and finishing techniques to create looks and feels that take women beyond the simple act of wearing clothes.   She has worked with huge stars such as Madonna and Dannii Minogue and has worked on collections for Dita Von Teese and Collette Dinnigan. She takes this experience into her role at Sarsparilly as the Dreamwear Head Designer which launches in July 2022.  


Office dog, chewer of things

Sarsparilly HQ's Golden Retriever Sunny is often under foot while Sarsparilly decisions are made. An important part of the team, Sunny makes sure all who visit, have a fluffy boi to pat and hug when things get overwhelming. He also gets into things he shouldn't, eats phones, eats books and eats...anything not put away really. His adorable face saves him from the worst of the consequences however and mostly, just gets another hug and pat anyway. Sunny is 10 months old and looks forward to pats, eating food and his favourite toys.