About Us


The label 

Sarsparilly is known for its lovingly crafted, vintage inspired clothing with references of pop culture, kitsch, and colour.  

Each garment is handmade in Australia with beautiful quality fabrics and put a smile on the face of all who wear them.

Much of the fabric used is laser printed using eco friendly dyes for minimum wastage. We love supporting up and coming designers so many of our prints are by independent artists. 

But most of all, Sarsparilly is about joy and wearing your true colours.  

The designer

At 11, Maria decided that fashion was what she wanted to do.  It was the early 90's, pop groups wore coordinating, sparkly, studded, colourful stage outfits and it was then that she formulated her greatest desire to become a costume designer for Janet Jackson.  She designed outfits through Primary School and kept the desire there all through high school (and still has the drawings to prove it).

Maria trained in Fashion Manufacturing at TAFE after High school, hoping she could transfer into Costume Design but never quite got to chase her fashion dream until losing her day job when the GFC hit in 2009.  She found out about the government's NEIS program, that helped kickstart small business and from there Sarsparilly was born.  

Another few years of having babies meant that the label was pushed back for a while, but in 2016 it was relaunched with full force.

Maria hopes that wearers would always feel like they were wearing a part of Sarsparilly's own 'wonderland', and is inspired by blue skies, green grass, flamingos, kewpie dolls, carousels and candy (and anything else that makes you smile).

She hasn't achieved her dream of being Janet Jackson's costume Designer just yet, but never say never.

Maria lives with her husband and two little boys in beautiful coastal Newcastle, Australia.


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