The Dress Diaries

The Dress Diaries

Let’s face it… food brings the world together. There’s nothing quite like two strangers bonding over their love of burgers from their local diner. This is where true friendship begins.

We all like different things in this life, and this is what makes us unique. Some people find solving complex math equations satisfying, whilst some people like to wear brightly coloured hats and there are some people out there that simply like mowing their lawn every day of the year. One thing I can bet on? Everyone, and I mean everyone, likes food.

That’s why I love to wear my food. And I don’t mean a plate of spaghetti on my head with a smashed banana down my shirt… I mean glittery-sushi-jewellry, styled with chocolate-bar-shaped-purses and frocks covered in my favourite sugary treats.

I love the fact that fashion designers are taking more and more risks these days. I am seeing bold on bold prints, clashing colours and obscure shapes. The wackier the better I say. Pop culture fashion means we can wear our favourite fictional character’s face across our chest with pride, or the catchphrase of our most loved cartoon character printed across our skirt. Pop culture fashion to me, is the incorporation of everything that make me smile. And you can bet your bottom dollar, that food makes me grin from ear to ear.

So, tie your napkin around your neck and feast your eyes on my four foodie fashion favourites.


I like the way you sushi-roll

Sushi EarringsRetar Bar purseCandi Lolly shoes

I wanna talk about dinner and dessert. Here at Sarsparilly HQ, we’re girls of all different shapes and sizes, who aren’t afraid to admit that we love our fare.. Our bodies are beautiful and we fuel them with nutrition and goodness, but never ever forget to treat ourselves. That’s why we’re all over edible fashion at Sarsparilly, and I’m soy into the Sushi of My Heart skirt. This 50s inspired skirt is super kawaii… just look at those cute little sushi faces! Plus, doesn’t any vintage frock deserve to be paired with cute acrylic accessories? I’m loving these I’m Your Present earrings in How I Roll. Acrylic and laser cut jewelry is the best way to dress up an outfit with some pop culture kapow!

If you’ve already had a little peruse of a our website, you might’ve noticed that we’ve got some brand new products for you to enjoy. That’s right, we’re now stocking some seriously gorgeous acrylic accessories brands and gorgeous bags by Danielle Nicole and between you and me, we’re going to be stocking the ever-incredible Irregular Choice very soon!

I’m the first to admit it’s easy to go overboard at the sushi train, but I always make room for dessert. These Irregular Choice Candi Lolly shoes are an explosion of sugary and glittery goodness. They are my childhood dream come true. When I was little, I used to glue gems on everything… all my possessions were shiny and bright, including the face of my baby brother (sorry Mum).

All you’d need to do to top off this very cute vintage outfit, is grab the Reptar Bar Pouch from Danielle Nicole, and you’ve got some serious meal envy.

Sushi of my heart Skirt

Sushi of my heart Skirt

I love @lauragbert (pictured bottom) in our Sushi of My Heart skirt. Photographed by @cosplay_chris, she’s a sushi sensation.


Dairy Queen

Cherry EarringsMrs Potts HandbagShoe Bakery Heels

“You don’t make friends with salad”… but you make definitely friends with ice cream sundaes and cherries. Simpsons family, I hear you.

Our Tag Team skirt is my childhood, literally.. One of the most of famous duos in history, we’ve incorporated milk and cookies into this super cute print for all of the sweet treat lovers out there. And what’s a sweet treat without a little tea? This Mrs. Potts and Chip Crossbody bag is the perfect accompaniment for any tea party ensemble.

I also love these incredible Premium Ice Cream Heels by The Shoe Bakery. Founded by head ‘baker’, Chris Campbell, this brand literally decorates their shoes with a piping bag. Uniquely delicious, these designs come in a variety of flavours like pies, cookies and cakes... BRB just drooling.

I need this outfit combo in my life right now… pretty please with the Feeling Fruity earrings by Irregular Choice on top!

Tag Team skirt Image

Tag Team skirt Image

I love our skirt on Jasmine from @quirkyandcurvy (pictured bottom) during a photoshoot in collaboration with photographer, Karolina Cronin. (Hair and makeup by @larissakershaw and accessories by Splendette.) Jasmine will be travelling with our founder, Maria, on some exciting trade shows coming up - so stay tuned to see more of these pretty faces.


Get your five-a-day

Berry Brooch ImageBerry Bangle ImageBugs Bunny bag ImageLittle Kisses heels Image

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to look at the dessert menu before the food itself. But, I’m also about a healthy and balanced diet. As much as I love all the naughty treats you can grab at carnivals like cotton candy, corndogs and candy apples, I know I’ve gotta incorporate those much needed fruit and vegetables into my diet.

This is why I’ve paired our fairground treat State Fair skirt with the Little Kisses heels by Irregular Choice. The pair are a sugary set, and complement each other perfectly.

Don’t let all this sweet talk give you a sugar hangover, I’ve chosen some nutritiously delicious treats to pair with this sweet ensemble. The Berry Fakelite brooch and Wide Berry Fakelite bangle by Splendette, which are packed full of fructose and fierceness. Pair it with the Bugs Bunny Bucket Bag by Danielle Nicole, and that’s your five-a-day right there. This outfit is taking health trendy to new heights.

State Fair skirt image

State fair skirt image

Danielle of @curvecreation is beautiful in our State Fair skirt. I can just see the bright lights from the rollercoasters now.


We all scream for ice-cream

ice cream earrings imagechip bag imageartic roll heels image

Finally… the time has come and I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. You’ve been sat around the dinner table, chatting with your friends and enjoying your meal. All the while, you’ve been thinking about what you saw on the dessert menu before you even had a chance to discuss choices with your fellow dinner guests. That’s right, the ice cream option.

Our The Sweet Life dress is what all of our food-related-fashion-fantasties are made of. This pretty 50s style dress, is a reproduction vintage swing dress with the cutest little ice cream friends all melted in print. Paired with the Artic Roll heels by Irregular Choice and Pastel Sundays earrings by I’m Your Present, this ensemble gives me serious ice cream feels.

Finish off with a hot cup of tea and pair this beauty with the Chip wallet by Danielle Nicole, making this delectable outfit true tea party goals.

the sweet life dress

the sweet life dress

Danielle of @curvecreation wears our The Sweet Life dress - perfect for a Sunday afternoon brunch with family and friends.


Save yourself for dessert

By this point, you’re probably in a sugary overload. But surely you’ve got room left for one more tasty surprise? We’ve got a seriously sweet treat baking in the kitchen… At Sarsparilly HQ we’re so excited to finally announce that we’re in the midst of some super cool plans involving our new Sugar Rush line, with Sugar Republic and Irregular Choice.

Until then, stay sweet and stay sassy until our Sugar Rush collection launches in July.

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