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Have you ever looked at your bowl of vanilla ice cream and thought, “You know what this needs? Sprinkles.” This is our philosophy here at Sarsparilly: add sprinkles… to everything.

As you know, we don’t do the norm. We love fun, colour and everything out of the ordinary. We celebrate uniqueness, embrace creativity, and are all about using our imagination. We love to sprinkle our beautiful vintage style outfits with accessories that are just as unique as us.

Here are our top four acrylic accessory brands that will take your outfit from classic vanilla to a triple chocolate, hot fudge sundae with extra cherries on top. Yum.


1. I'm Your Present

It’s not even close to Christmas, but we’ve already got a gift for you. I’m Your Present is an acrylic accessory brand from Rhode Island, USA. I’ve loved and followed this brand for at least a decade, so it’s close to my heart. The brains behind the brand is Kelly Eident, and she’s been making I’m Your Present magic since late 2006.

From The Simpsons themed earrings to mesmerising unicorn collar clips, these joy-filled acrylic accessories can add that magic touch to your get up. For example, I’m in love with these adorable Treasure Troll doll earrings. They even come decked out with their famous fluffy quiffs… (I need to get the name of the hairspray they use.)


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Paired with our Unicorn Squad frock, the fantasy-meets-fairytale fun can begin.


2. Splendette

I’m majorly crushing on this style of jewellery. Eeva Harryman is the leading lady behind Splendette, and her style is vintage inspired jewellery made from “fakelite”. This is a material that mimics bakelite: an early plastic material used in the 1950s to create different types of products such as kitchenware, jewellery and children’s toys. Bakelite is super retro, and is considered a collectible today.

You can see that the 1950s is a source of inspiration for these accessories. I love the way these pieces look against our rockabilly and vintage-inspired dresses. I just couldn’t wait to see some Splendette pieces paired up with mine, so we collaborated on a sugary sweet photoshoot in Daisy’s Milk Bar in Sydney. It was such a joy to work on this and I loved the result!

A big thank you to our photographer Karolina Cronin and our makeup artist Larissa Kershaw for helping us make 1950s pin up magic.


The Sweet Life dress image

Pair a Splendette jewellery set with our The Sweet Life dress, as shown on our beautiful model Jasmine, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for 50s vintage and some seriously sweet vibes.


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 Is this necklace giving anyone else Wilma Flintstone vibes? I love it!


3. Baccurelli

It’s pop culture overload here and we can’t get enough of it. Headed up by Meli Baccurelli, this California-based brand is one of my favourite brooch businesses (although, they’re not limited to just brooches.) Baccurelli is everything pop culture—think Disney characters, Justice League heroes, musical moguls and iconic idols. And, it’s all created in the most unique (and cute) way that is true to Baccurelli’s style.

Baccurelli is all about expression of self; it’s about showing the world exactly who you are, without uttering a sentence.


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Star Man dress image

It goes without saying that we would pair these super-cute Bowie rings with our Star Man frock. They also stock some amazing Bowie earrings and a Bowie brooch. The whole combo blows our mind. Yes, I went there.

4. Daisy Jean Florals

Lastly, but certainly not least, I bring you the exquisite Aussie designer, Daisy Jean Florals.

This brand is rather special to me as the owner Miss Osiria Rose, or Missi as she’s known in the pin-up world, is a Sarsparilly model and a dear friend. Missi makes gorgeous pieces that just ooze vintage fashion. But aside from the design, Daisy Jean Florals also supports women and models in the pin-up community through the Face of Daisy Jean. This program offers successful applicants the opportunity to promote themselves and their work through advertising, photoshoots and collaborations. It’s all the good things, and I’m all for #girlpower.



Sweet Sadie dress image

The ‘Bonnie Hoops’ earrings can be paired with any of our dresses, I just can’t pick. But, if I had to, I just can’t go past the Sweet Sadie dress. Daisy Jean Florals stock these in a variety of colours and types, so go creative-crazy.


It’s the acrylic that binds us

So why all the fuss about acrylic accessories? Well, I’m so pleased to announce that the future is looking bright, shiny and sparkly here at Sarsparilly. I’m due to stock I’m Your Present, Splendette and Daisy Jean Florals right here on my site very soon. So, you can come for the fabrics and leave with the fashion (and by that I mean the whole damn outfit.)

Stay tuned, baby!

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