The best Motorcycle Gang ever....

The best Motorcycle Gang ever....
The other day I discovered these incredible scooters made from fender parts of VW beetles. 

Image from Brent Walter's instagram

They are made by Brent Walter and there is an awesome article about him here...

These are astoundingly cool and adorable reuse of car parts, and whilst I can't say for sure that the overwhelming motivation was for cuteness, I suspect it and the outcome is, regardless - overwhelming cute. 

Because they are really little too!!!

Check out this video of them in action!

Now I know, it might not be the typical formidable, burly and intimidating option favoured by most motorcycle gangs, but I'd like to put this forward as a possible option for a different kind of MC. An adorable one. Imagine a pack of Fender-scooters all in pastels! 

As if this wouldn't be a vision. I even have the exact jacket to match....

Sarsparilly Veronica Biker Jacket

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  • Zoe` P.: August 31, 2020

    I absolutely love those VW Fender Scooters & I especially love the Veronica Biker Jacket – VERY COOL & Oh so Cheque! I will definitely be purchasing one in the not too distant future – You Go Girl!!

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