Saving 'Straya

Saving 'Straya

By Rae Kester

The peak of the media attention has passed, but worldwide with our recent bushfires, Australia was front and centre in the media. 

People from the around the world were following what was happening and standing with our beautiful country and animals as the struggle against the fires raged for months. 

Despite Globalisation often making people more alone in a bigger ocean of people, when things like this happen anywhere in world humans have a beautiful capacity to reach out empathetically, human to human. 

Now we're in the recovery period, that is likely to take years and years, along with addressing the many issues that led to these fires, it's going to be a topic that is approached from every level of society. 

One of the beautiful expressions of humans using what they have, where they are, to do what they can are all the amazing artists creating work to raise funds, awareness or keep the conversation going even as the immediate danger passes, we need to stay focused on repair and prevention. 

Image and art by Ryan Chapman for Australi-Aid

In our own brand, Sarsparilly has always centred sustainability and human dignity in the manufacture and design of our entire process. Even whilst partnering with the epitome of cute, Pusheen, the entire collaboration has been structured outside of the trends of fast and disposable fashion. These trends have an incredibly negative impact on ecological systems. It's possible to consciously wear dreamy designs, carefully and thoughtfully!

Given the social tone of wanting and needing to care for what we have, how easily it can be lost and what it takes to recover these ideas are again on our minds.

I'm very proud to have chosen the extra steps we work into our company for our product, and looking ahead into future collaborations I am excited about things we have coming up that are near to my heart on this topic! 

I am happy to keep putting joy in our designs and consideration into our pieces. 

I recently found this amazing collection of artists who are sharing their own expressions of investment for positive change through their art, have a look!


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