Pusheen the Muse!

Image from Artbox Cafe in Brighton @https://www.instagram.com/artbox_cafe/
Obviously we at Sarsparilly are huge fans and devotees to Pusheen. 

BUT, did you know how many other things Pusheen has inspired?

The only answer is no, it's impossible to know!

The appeal and inspiration is constantly building (hint - keep your eyes peeled around these parts!) but in doing my own appreciation googling I realised I had to revisit the Pusheen concept cafe event that was open in Singapore not so long ago. This was the world's first Pusheen cafe! 

Image by http://www.supercutekawaii.com/

The food design at this cafe was phenomenal and created 'Little Miss Bento'

It's not the only concept cafe event that has happened, check out this one! 

This Pusheen concept photographed by @brilliantbrighton was by @artbox_cafe just last year.

The trend of concept event cafes is one we LOVE! As the theme of these cafe spaces evolve and change they are always beautifully created, and luckily we happen to have just the right wardrobe to wear if you happen to be visiting any concept cafe! 

Although maybe one day we'll need to open our very own...!!! 

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