New stockist: The Velvet Fawn

Maria Murphy

Posted on January 02 2019

When I first heard from Staci from The Velvet Fawn she was excited about becoming a stockist of Sarsparilly clothing and because we hadn't even come far enough to release a full collection yet, I was so excited that she was excited (it's nice to know that people enjoy what you do!) :D

The Velvet Fawn are one of our US based stockists and we are so seriously pumped for our US customers to be able to buy locally.  We had a Q and A session with Staci to find out more about her online store.

Tell us about The Velvet Fawn, where are you located and how did you start?

We are always located in Kansas City, and 1 half of us is located wherever the military decides to stick us for a year or two. We started back in early 2016 for purely selfish reasons: to get our own clothes for cheaper. We sold to friends, then friends of friends and the next thing we knew, in under a year we were regularly receiving hundreds of emails and calls to see what we had in stock, and being invited into brick and mortar stores to do pop up shops. We knew by December of 2016 that it was time to do this for real.

Tell us about your team, we want to know you 😊

We're a 2 woman team. Lucy is the behind the scenes gal, primarily operating the social media, planning inventory, and emailing brands we stumble on. Marie goes by her last name, Harvey, and is our master of customer service who is always building relationships and turning customers into friends. Our husbands and kids jump in to help during our busiest times. Sometimes Harvey's dog likes to help and poses proudly with his out going packages 😉 In our down time you can usually find us sewing, sending each other silly memes, and taking too many pictures of our dogs.

What is the best thing about owning your own store?

Flexibility, which is also due to having such a great partner. I never have to worry about missing something important for my kids because I have Harvey and the ability to work anywhere and any time. I never have to decide between work, family, fun, or sleep. It's a dream. Harvey will say it's the community we're building and shes so right. Just today we received a video of a customer doing cartwheels in her new coat from us. Where else can you work and spend your mornings watching that? 😂

What sort of things can we find at The Velvet Fawn?

Retro inspired clothing, accessories and home decor. You'll find indie designers and brands with us. We love stumbling on shops that excite us and sharing them with our customers. Most importantly, you'll find inclusive sizing and diversity with us. Our motto is "Vintage style, modern mindset". People are diverse and we want to show how great this style can work for anyone, and also showcase diversity in the designers we carry.

We also have a section for new with tags and excellent used condition pieces we've sourced from all around the world. Harvey has a knack for finding "unicorn" dresses that people are searching for in amazing condition. We took the selection you can find in facebook and instagram selling groups and put it into a much less chaotic, more organized venue. You never know what you'll find with us, and if we dont have it we can find it for you!

What is your favourite piece from the Sugar Rush Collection?
The Cereal Time dress! I've already started shopping for new shoes and accessories to wear it in as many different ways as possible 🙈 We both cant wait to take new business photos together in our cereal dresses!

Favourite sweet food?

Cinnamon rolls for Lucy, and waffles topped with icecream for Harvey. Now I'm hungry!


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