Mood board: a holiday

Mood board: a holiday

I fell into this idea accidentally whilst trying to find some home organisation tips on Pinterest and didn't fight too hard against the beautiful distractions that kept coming up. The internet is a magic place, Pinterest is a dangerous rabbit hole and I'm a very willing Alice. 

Which is naturally how trying to find shoe storage solutions led to wanting to go on holiday in Bratislava.

And let me show you 3 reasons why....

(credit -

The  Primate's Palace is pink, gold, incredible and extensive. It was built in 1778, but most specifically is pink and gold. 

2. This Pink House - 

credit and link -

3. The Blue Church

credit -

This place was made for the Maria dresses in Pink AND Blue, and frankly, to prove I didn't stray too far from the task, some irregular choice shoes organised and packed would be perfect! Just in a suitcase, I'll need another holiday before I figure out how to stay at home! 

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