Bye for now! A Message from Maria

Bye for now!  A Message from Maria

Dear Sarsparilly customers and friends,


It is with sadness that I must announce a 6 month break for Sarsparilly.

Due to ongoing manufacturing and shipping issues, that we can’t solve while the business is trading, we have decided to put the shop on a holiday for the time being.  We have always prided ourselves in a beautiful product, but have recently seen that the quality of our products has not been what we need them to be, to be a Sarsparilly product.  Shipping delays have also upset many of our customers and again this is something we cannot allow to continue.

During our break we will be seeking out new manufacturing and shipping partners and also working on Sarsparilly as a whole, so that when we come back (and we ARE coming back) you will have a new and improved Sarsparilly to shop with.

All existing orders previous to today, will be fulfilled as normal.


As a farewell for now and to give people the chance to get items they have had their eye on, we are putting all current stock on the website on Sale, but please know that all of these orders are PRE-ORDERS that will be fulfilled when we have secured our new manufacturer, with a delivery date of July 2023.  This will be your -last chance- to obtain any of these collections as they wont be back after the closure of the store or when we re-launch.  Any products that are in stock are not labelled with Pre-order and will be shipped straight away.

We will continue to respond to customer service messages, and we thank everyone who has stuck with us during this time.

We are *not* going out of business, we are just taking a little break to re-tool things. Unfortunately, that means the upcoming Fabulous Floral Collection which was announced will not be released until our re-launch in July.

I want to personally thank everyone who has been supportive during this time. Most of the time the majority of work that goes into Sarsparilly is done by a single person: me. I am Sarsparilly. It is my business, my passion project, my life. But there have been people who have helped me along the way, and I wouldn’t be here without them: my spritely helpers with the business side of things, my beautiful models, hair and makeup artists, and photographers, my gorgeous influencers, my fabulous customers (yes, you! Thank you so much!)  … You have helped me make Sarsparilly what it is, and I don’t want it to be anything less than perfect for all of us.

So this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later, and it will be bigger and better than it ever has been.  Please keep an eye on our blog for updates and our emails for the re-launch date.


Much love,


Sarsparilly CEO & Creative Director

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