The Dress Diaries

The Dress Diaries

You should know by now, we are all about fun and joy at Sarsparilly HQ. We are all about wearing our true colours, take our dresses for example. If prancing ponies and unicorns chasing rainbows doesn't scream fun enough for you, also imagine us throwing confetti at you and thrusting a strawberry milkshake into your hands. That is the Sarsparilly way.

We aren’t fans of hard questions. Life is too short and way too colourful to be spent stuck in your brain nitpicking. Although there is one question that we hear quite a lot at Sarsparilly HQ.

The impossible question; “but which one do I buy?!”

Okay, so that one requires some thought. You could just do eeny, meeny, miny, moe; or shut your eyes and point to the winning piece. But we know that isn’t everyone's style, so we have made the question so much easier for you. We don’t want to toot our own horns too much, but we sure know our stuff. So if you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers.


The clothing

When Christian Dior introduced his bold and feminine New Look in 1947, do you think he ever once thought “oh yeah, that’s good enough”? Of course not! He turned the fashion world upside down with his impeccable, intricate and sophisticated construction and design.

As one of our favourite fashion houses, we take our daily inspiration from Dior: quality designed, excellently constructed vintage inspired clothing, curated way with expertise, love and respect.

Here’s the low down. Our pieces are 100% Australian made, handmade from scratch by a small group of seamstresses. All fabrics are laser printed using eco-friendly dyes for minimum wastage. Our fabric is always 100% cotton, ensuring it’s the finest quality fabric and breathes well.

Every dress and skirt feature wide hems, pockets (to fit those essentials like lippy and keys), bodices are fully lined, skirts are both hand pleated and gathered, and feature invisible zippers with hook and eye closure. Fun fact: in every skirt, there’s at least three metres of fabric, and in every dress at least four metres.

Our pop culture frock prints are so fun and always changing to suit what we are all loving. Think Harry Potter, Marvel, Sushi, Unicorns, Rainbows, Flamingoes, Ice Cream and Alice in Wonderland. We marry the style of vintage silhouettes with the popular trends of today.

The other thing that makes our pieces so unique is sizing. Vintage ladies sure weren’t one size only, and neither are we. We design our pieces from size XXS to 5XL, so have no doubt your piece will be perfect for you.

If that still doesn’t make the decision easier for you… well, keep reading.


The necklines

Someone please tell me, when did necklines become so boring? Necklines aren’t fun anymore, where’s all the pizazz and extravagance? Step into the world of Sarsparilly, a world of our vintage inspired dresses, where you’ll never have to worry about a boring neckline again.

Below is a breakdown of our most popular necklines.


The square neckline

The square neckline is still very prominent in fashion today; it draws the eye upwards, so do like the ancient proverb and “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Check out our Because I’m Happy dress for a square neckline, or the Amber dress also featuring very cute shoulder ties!

Because I'm Happy vintage style dress image

You’ll be seeing Bluebirds for days in the Because I’m Happy frock


The sweetheart neckline

We see this neckline often amongst wedding gowns and formal dresses, it is particularly flattering, accentuating a woman's decolletage and collarbones. Ooh la la! Our No Drama Llama dress features a sweetheart neckline, as does the Chasing Rainbows dress.

No Drama Llama vintage style dress image

This frock screams save the drama for your llama


The boat neck

Trust us, the second half of 2018 will be ruled by the boat neck. Why? Because it was Meghan Markle’s neckline of choice at her May wedding to Prince Harry. The boat neck, also known as the bateau neck, shows off its wearers shoulders and flatters the chest. Our Beautiful Blue Water dress, featuring one of the famous Monet “Water Lilies” artworks, has a deep boat neck. You’ll feel quite swell in it (ha, get it!)

Beautiful Blue Water vintage style image

Spend your Monet on this one, it’s worth it


The necktie style

The vintage neck tie style dress, honestly what could be cuter. Think of all the cute things that come with bows: men in bow ties, puppies under the Christmas tree, new cars? Exactly. The neck tie style dress defines vintage to a T. Check out our Jasmin dress featuring a gorgeous neck tie to create a bow with long tails.

Jasmin vintage style dress image

The perfect dress if you’re single and ready to flamingle


The sleeves

If you aren’t a sleeveless type of gal, don’t fret, we have the solution. A capped sleeve is a simple addition to the shoulder to add a little extra arm coverage; think of it as a tiny vintage umbrella. The Sweet Life dress features a cap sleeve, providing a fitted alternative. A cap sleeve continues to be popular throughout fashion history; think Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress.

The Sweet Life vintage style dress image

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a cap sleeve


The petticoats

Our swing dresses are vintage superstars in their own right and are ready to wear as soon as they arrive. But, there’s something else that could really stop the show.

Do yourself, and your dress, a favour and pick up a petticoat. A petticoat gives volume to your skirt and adds an extra wow-factor. We recommend Malco Modes. We are huge fans of their garments and in our opinion, they are the petticoat brand.

Here are a few things to mull over before deciding on a petticoat; think about your waist size, the length of your skirt and how much you’re willing to spend. A pricey petticoat may seem like a chunk out of the bank account right now, but a cheaper version will only last half the amount of time and we want that fluffiness to stick around as long as possible.


Fluff up your life!


So, does that make it easier?

So, to our beautiful Sarsparilly women, we hope we have made your decisions a little bit easier. Now.. which one to choose. As you know, we live and breathe vintage inspired clothing, and we hope you love your pieces as much as we do.

Maria sign off image

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